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JAC AVC Autorack

Back in the early 2000's, Johnstown America built the AVC Multi-level. It fuses together years of experience in aluminum railcar construction and in building 89' multi-level flat car platforms.
The AVC Multi-level offers a lightweight, integrated design to transport new automobiles, commercial and conversion vans, pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles from assembly plants and ports to rail distribution centers. This railcar has been engineered to safely carry a wide range of vehicles at the lowest possible life-cycle cost to the car's owners and users.
The AVC Multi-level's unique aluminum car body boosts fuel economy due to its light weight, smooth profile and limited openings around external doors. The aluminum non-corrosive surface eliminates the need to paint, now and in the future.
The increased width of the AVC Multi-level also provides more room for loaders to enter and exit from vehicles while inside the railcar. Efficient aluminum sidewall extrusions provide a uniform surface for application of door-edge protection, furthering a damage-free delivery.
The AVC Multi-level also offers the following features:
Softer suspension and a lower center of gravity to provide a more stable ride
A non-skid deck surface which eliminates the need for anti-skid paint
Through the reduction of life cycle costs, the Johnstown America AVC Multi-level provides a competitively priced, longer life vehicle to safely and efficiently transport new vehicles.

NAFTA Scale Models will produce 3 different Versions of the AVC Autorack, Amtrak, CN and CP.

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