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On-site, even in remote locations, the FuelCube guarantees a consistent, environmentally safe source of fuel, letting you run without interruption.

Designed to connect to equipment and dispense fuel at the same time, our sturdy Western Global FuelCube tanks gives you more flexibility and saves you valuable time. With four-way forklift pockets for mobility when empty, your tank can move with you, wherever and whenever you need it. These will go good with the line of Diesel Gensets coming from NAFTA.


Fuel Cube 250 Gallon Style 1 Sunbelt #8310

Z Scale 1:220

HO Scale 1:87.1

G Scale 1:32

N Scale 1:160

S Scale 1:64

Scale 1:50

TT Scale 1:120

O Scale 1:48

Scale 1:25

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